Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

All Day Make-up Jasmin

Photos taken by Jasmin

FACE:         - Loreal  Paris Studio Secrets Primer                               
                  - Yves Rocher Foundation: Beige 400
        - Loreal Paris "Studio Secrets"
                   - The Body Shop: 02 Shimmer Waves
            - Catrice Powder: 060 Sun Beige
                        - The Body Shop: 03 Shade: Lustrous Pink

         EYES:          - Avon  "8 in 1!" eye palette: neutral tones
                 - Chanel "Les 4 Ombrs": 90 Planetes
                              - Misslyn "Runways Eyes" Eyeshadow powder

LIPS:           - Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Glow: 256
                 - Accessorize Lip Gloss "Celebrity"
                     - Yves Saint Laurent "Rouge Volupté"
         - The Body Shop Lipstick: 01
         - The Body Shop Lipstick: 12
                      - The Body Shop "Lily Cole": Hi Shine

              PERFUME:       - Ralph Lauren: The Big Pony Collection: Nr.4
                    - The Body Shop: "Shea" Body Mist
                         - The Body Shop: "Moringa" Body Mist

  BRUSHES:         - Eyelash Curler: The Body Shop
           and Eyes       - Loreal Paris: Volume Million Lashes
                               - Helena Rubinstein: Eye Liner Pencil
                                             - The Body Shop: 01 Eye Definer Shade: Black
                                - Astor: Kohl Kajal Pencil: 081 Brown

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  1. Hey guys! I would love it if you could go over and check out my blog at, Lights. Camera. Fashion!
    Avec Amour, Hannah

  2. Great make up collection , wow

    check out my latest post :-

  3. Ah I love beauty posts! Your brush and eye make up holders are insanely awesome! Where did you buy them? :) xx

    I am following you on Bloglovin' now! ♥

    1. Thanks! To be honest I've no idea where I bought them :( But I think you can buy them in any decoration shop.
      Thanks for following on Bloglovin'!

      <3 Jasmin