Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

The New Icons

pants + leather jacket + shirt: h&m I heels: Nelly I bag:pieces I belt:vintage

Photos taken by Jasmin

 As Alena is right in the middle of her final exams, it`s quite hard for us to keep you posted regularly..we are so sorry about that! Well at least there will be some holidays in one weeks time and we will have more time to post and invest more time in it, this also means answering all your lovely comments!

And of course, look at my new t-shirt! I am so happy that I was able to get my hands on this newest h&m Must you also like these patternend pants in combination with it?

Da Alena gerade mitten im Abiturstress steckt, müssen wir Blog technisch etwas kürzer treten und werden diese Woche wohl erstmal eine kleine "Pause" einlegen müssen, also wunder euch nicht! Bald schon sind Ferien und da werden wir aufjedenfall regelmäßiger bloggen und mehr Zeit in unseren Blog investieren!!

Ich bin echt froh, dass ich dieses gehypte T-Shirt von h&m ergattern konnte!
Zusammen mit der gemusterten Hose und meiner Leder Jacke gefällt es mir im Gesamtbild echt gut!


9 Kommentare:

  1. Fabulous rock and roll chic look, Alena! Good luck with the exam!


  2. Do you guys have instragram? I tried to search for you, but I couldn't find anything:(
    If you have, what is it?:)

  3. Wow! everything is amazing..the outfit, the location and the photographs!

    I just started my blog, check it out and follow if you like it!
    Click here

  4. toller look, die lederjacke gefällt mir besonders gut:)

  5. oh solche fancy pants sind cool :D

  6. Alena, I found your blog via your mom's via seejanewear! I love it! Do you have an email subscribe option? Do let me know...also, I'd love to do a feature on you and your mom on my blog. I love the bridge of style cross generations!