Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

The FUTURE skirt

skirt: &other stories I blouse: Zara I heels: Wallis I necklace: from my Gran I clutch: Vintage

Photos taken by Jasmin

Hey Fashionistas!
This time I would like to show you my second '&other stories' skirt from London! 
Somehow it reminds me of Sabrina from 'afterDRK', she describes her style as 'simple, but always with some sort of edge.
Don't you think, that this skirt is so unique and modern with the fake zipper and the leather add on?

Hey Fashionistas! 
Bei diesem Post möchte ich euch endlich meinen zweiten '&other stories' Rock aus London zeigen! 
Ehrlich gesagt erinnert er mich in gewisser Weise an Sabrina von 'after DRK', die ihren Stil als 
'simple, but always with some sort of edge' bezeichnet.
Findet ihr nicht auch, dass der Rock einfach einzigartig und modern ist, 
mit dem fake Reißverschluss und dem Lederzusatz? 

Take care,

18 Kommentare:

  1. Lob lovely top and skirt!

  2. WOW great skirt, also love the way you styled it :)


  3. That is such a cool skirt! Does the vinyl it zip off? I know you said fake zip but it looks useable?

  4. what a cool skirt, I love it.

  5. I am so in love with this look! That skirt is PERFECT and it's a true show stopper! Great look! I am so glad I found your blog dear. Your stylee is amazing xx

  6. Super :)

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  7. A very original skirt!!! :) :)

  8. Yes, that skirt is fantastic!!!

  9. Just lovin' that skirt!!! It's sooooo coool and the leather pieces in it ROCK!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  10. Beautiful photos!


  11. very pretty skirt
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