Freitag, 5. August 2011

Lily's nails

waistcoat: velvet heart I leggings: Free People I top: h&m I bag: Asos I necklace: eBay 
shoes: Asos I ring: River Island

I called this post "Lily's nails" because Lily -a really good friend of mine- used to varnish her nails like this to count how many days we had left at the English boarding school we used to go. It was quite sad actually, seeing the so far best time of my life ending but the good thing is, she inspired me! 
So Lily, this is for you and all my RHS chicks, I love you all to pieces!
Turning to my outfit, what do you think, leave a comment!

Ich habe diesen Post "Lilys Nägel" genannt da Lily -eine sehr gute Freundin von mir- ihre Nägel so lackiert hat um die Tage zu zählen, die wir noch an dem englischen Internat übrig hatten das wir gemeinsam besucht haben. Es war eigentlich ziemlich traurig, die bis jetzt beste Zeit meines Lebens zu Ende gehen zu sehen aber das Gute daran ist, dass sie mich inspiriert hat! Also Lily, das ist für dich und alle meine RHS Mädels, 
ich hab euch alle soo lieb!
In sachen Outfit, was denkt ihr, schreibt einen Kommentar!

Sunshine for everyone! Alena

Photos taken by Jasmin

14 Kommentare:

  1. I really love the outfit!! Great stylish :)

    i hope you'll come to see my blog

    do u wanna follow each other?

  2. perfect outfit! i love your style girl!

  3. Cute style :)

  4. i LOVE your leggings! and that necklace is divine!


  5. lovely post :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  6. i love your outfit, its lovely!
    and the nail thing is cute, bless lilly =D
    the bucket bag you have is to die for!
    I absolutely love it!

    The Trend Palette

  7. Love, love, love your vest. The pattern is amazing!

    -Laura x

  8. i love her nails and that gorgeous ring! she has really cool grungy-glam style :)

  9. Hey !
    I'm in love with your Iphone case, love leopard :)
    And your outfit is so rad, those leggings are really something.

  10. Just saw those leggings on the FP website - super cute! Love the outfit!